Active Learning Strategies and Easy to Implement Ideas for Nursing Instructors

Featured Post: Virtual Escape Room

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    Practical Tip to Add the Thrill of Discovery to Create an Active Learning Syllabus

    Infuse the first day of your course with an active learning syllabus review in the form of a syllabus scavenger hunt. 🔎

    Transform a Case Study into a Nursing Prioritization Scenario

    This activity allows you to transform a regular case study into a nursing prioritization scenario using popsicle sticks 🍡

    Reflection To Make Improving Nursing Student Exam Scores Simple

    Using an Exam Wrapper in the time immediately following an exam is ideal for reflection and improving nursing student exam scores. 📝

    Looking for flipped classroom success? Here’s a clinical judgment activity

    Nurse educators are challenged with connecting knowledge to practice. The fishbone analysis is an awesome clinical judgment activity. 🐟

    How to Improve Feedback in Nursing Education

    Getting those end-of-term reviews can feel like a roller coaster you don’t want to be on. 🎢 Yet, a long list of research shows the importance of utilizing feedback to improve performance.  But those comments often feel yucky.  Why is that?  

    Six Thinking Hats Activity

    A Quick Case-Study Modification to Boost Nursing Clinical Judgment

    In order to teach nursing clinical judgment, we need to be exploring the highest levels of Bloom’s taxonomy in our classrooms. But what activities can we use to have students “create?” 🎨

    Students working on a nursing flipped classroom activity

    How to Use A Patient Blog to Teach Empathy in a Nursing Flipped Classroom

    A patient blog can be rich with opportunities for learning about the emotional, spiritual and psychosocial complications of a disease. 📝

    Anticipation Thinking Activity

    How to Teach Anticipation in a Nursing Flipped Classroom

    An excellent activity to jazz up an already exisiting case study. This future predicting activity is quick to implement and will have your students learning anticipation. 🔮

    Best practices for group work in nursing flipped classroom

    Guidelines for Group Work in a Nursing Flipped Classroom

    These guidelines for group work 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 will help you get started or fine-tune your nursing flipped classroom.

    Step-by-step instructions to build virtual nursing escape room

    How to create a virtual nursing escape room using Google Forms

    Looking to create virtual “locked” rooms? This video will take you step-by-step through creating a virtual nursing escape room in Google Forms. 🙌🏼

    Need A Quick Activity for Nursing Students in Clinical?

    Many of the ideas here have focused on active teaching techniques in the classroom. Here is an activity for nursing students in clinical! 🏥

    Can caring and empathy be taught in nursing education?

    Caring is a cornerstone of nursing. So how do we teach it? 💫

    An innovative classroom assessment technique for nursing students

    An exit ticket is a great classroom assessment technique but how does it translate to synchronous online learning?  Here’s an idea 💡

    The No-Stakes Quiz

    The idea here is simple – use a quiz as a discussion tool rather than a point-worthy event. It even includes a note section so students can hardly help themselves from writing things down. ✍🏽📝

    One Million Dollar Pyramid

    A twist on the classic 80’s TV show will have students laughing and learning. While the monetary reward is not the same, the learning rewards are top-notch. 💵💰💵

    An fun clinical decision activity around pharmacology content

    Would you give this medication?

    Deciding when to give and hold meds is tough. This is a simple yes/no format game that gives the data and asks “Would you give this med?” 💊💊

    Crowd Source the Study Guide

    Students often ask me for a study guide before an exam. What better way than to have them create one! 📝

    Telephone Simulation

    Working to get students comfortable giving report? This idea will take you through the steps to create an interactive telephone conference.

    4-Corner Debate

    This activity is a variation on a traditional 1:1 debate that will help students to collaborate, discuss and develop communication skills. 🦜

    Step-by-step instructions to build virtual nursing escape room

    *BONUS* Virtual Escape Room

    Looking to create virtual “locked” rooms? This video will take you through step-by-step on creating an escape room in Google Forms. 🙌🏼