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Useful, practical products for nursing instructors to create an escape room experience

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Escape Card Deck

A complete escape room experience in a deck of cards.  A 100-card deck that goes through 5 patient scenarios and includes important nursing concepts of prioritization, lifespan considerations, medication calculation, lab value analysis and some fun interruptions!  Answer key, debriefing guide and additional application activities included.

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"Done for You" Option

Tabletop Escape Kit - Type 2 Diabetes

A complete educational escape room experience for nursing students learning to manage a patient with type 2 diabetes.  Students will:

  • Determine important assessment findings
  • Review pathophysiology and pharmacology related to type 2 diabetes
  • Dose insulin based on carbohydrate counts and sliding scale
  • Manage a hypoglycemic event

Everything that you need is included: links to online puzzles, maps, order sets, protocols, various props, patient information, locks, a flashlight, and batteries.

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"Do It Yourself" Option

Escape Room Course

A complete guide for developing your escape room from start to finish.  Quickly and easily create this active learning strategy for content specific to your classroom.  No need for months of brain-storming, researching and puzzle development, it's all right here!

Course Workbook

"Do It Together" Option

Escape Room Workshops

Feel overwhelmed with figuring it out yourself but still want to create something unique to your content?  Sign up for a one-day, small group workshop to create your own escape room specific to the content you teach.

It inclues pre-workshop assignments, a dedicated workday to create a virtual, in-person or blended classroom activity and follow-up email support and escape room review.  We will work together to develop and design puzzles, write a storyline and creatively include important nursing concepts.

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