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Create an Escape Room Course

for Nursing Instructors

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to building an active learning classroom activity.

What if you could implement an escape room tailored to your content before the next semester starts?

There is no need for months of brainstorming and puzzle development with the Create an Escape Room course. You will learn how to create an escape room specific to your content area before the next term starts.

Does this sound like you?

  • Looking for ideas for interactive case studies?
  • Feel overwhelmed with implementing a flipped classroom?
  • Have a hard time coming up with alternative activities to lecture?
  • Want to transform the way you teach your course?

Or maybe you know you want to build an escape room, but you:

  • Struggle to come up with puzzles to "fit" your content
  • Can't find the time and energy to take on such a daunting lesson
  • Feel frustrated working on developing it yourself?
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What if there was a way to quickly and easily create an escape room tailored to the content you teach?

That’s exactly why I designed the Create an Escape Room Course - because I wanted to help nursing instructors easily implement this active learning strategy into their classrooms.  

You can have an escape room for your content ready to go by the upcoming start of the semester.

By the end of this course you will have:

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The struggle is real . . .

You are looking to bring active learning lessons to your classroom.  You would love to build an escape room, but it seems overwhelming.

Imagine that you had a plan to create an escape room specifically tailored to your theory course and the content that you teach.  And you had endless ideas for puzzles that develop skills that nursing students need to develop clinical judgment.  

The Create an Escape Room Course gives you the framework to develop your own escape room and build an engaging classroom activity.

Hey, I’m Martha Johnson, and I am a nursing instructor who loves active learning.

I went from teaching a 3-hour PowerPoint-driven lecture to a classroom full of student-led projects and high-energy discussion. 

One of my favorite classroom activities is an escape room that is built in our simulation lab.   But it took me a full 18 months to develop this one classroom activity.  I did so much research and reading, looking for puzzles that directly connected to nursing content.  The process that took me a year and a half to figure out is what I teach you how to do in the Create an Escape Room course. 

My goal with this course is to inspire and teach other nursing instructors how to use this fun and educational active learning technique in their own classrooms.

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What's inside

Who is this for?


Frequently Asked Questions

So what do I get when I purchase this course?

  • You will get immediate, instant lifetime access to the course workbook and video modules. So if you want to start building today, you can! On the other hand, if you need to put the finishing touches on your syllabus first, you can start when that is complete.

What’s in the course workbook?

  • So much awesome stuff!  There are 7 modules, each with its own short assignment to complete and a video lesson.  

  • The PUZZLE IDEA BOOK gives a huge list of puzzles that can be easily modified to fit the nursing content that you teach.

  • A QUICK START GUIDE so you can get lots of students through the activity with minimal effort in the reset.

  • A DEBRIEF OUTLINE to give you the structure to manage this crucial task after the escape room is done.

  • The TEST RUN CHECKLIST - all ready to be filled in.

  • Awesome TEMPLATES for learning objectives, a mind map, graphic puzzles, and success certificates so that you can get started right away.

What if I’m super busy - the semester is starting soon, and I already feel behind?

  • I feel you - I’m working on my syllabus right now too.  But you won’t need hours upon hours to implement this.  The framework is structured for easy implementation. So even if you only have an hour or so between courses or meetings, you can do this!

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Really? All of this for $47? Are you sure?!?

Yup.  This course is easily worth 10x this price.  After all, it will be an activity that you can keep running semester after semester.  BUT my goal was to make this a no-brainer because nursing education needs this NOW.

I want inspired and innovative instructors (that’s you!) to have this as a tool to improve the learning experience for our students and help them think critically and ultimately be stronger RNs.

So I’ve priced it so that you don’t have to hem and haw . . . grab it and get to work on developing your escape room.

But this strategy is specific.  It gives you a clear path to developing an escape room and actual puzzles useful in nursing education—things like priority setting, abnormal assessments, and patient teaching that are not in any escape room website.  

And I’ve packaged it up so you can have it ready to go for this upcoming semester.

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A few more questions . . .

What if all my classes are moved online?  Can I create a digital escape room?

  • This course and workbook are designed to create a physical escape room - in either a classroom or simulation lab.  Due to the pandemic, many nursing courses are moving online, and I offer a walk-through of creating a digital escape room HERE.  But we won’t be online forever. Therefore, I would argue that this is the best time to build an escape room, so it is ready to go when we are back in the classroom and craving interaction and engagement with others.

What if I have zero active learning experience? 

  • It does not matter!  This is a great first step in the active learning journey because it is so much fun.  You will immediately see the effects and be inspired to continue creating.

So how do I start?

  • Great question with an easy answer.  Click "GET THE COURSE BUTTON" to get immediate access to the Create an Escape Room Course.

Refund Policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine if you could confidently walk into your next lecture with a fun and engaging activity ready to go.

Your students were so engaged with the course content that they didn’t want the class to end. 

Your students could achieve higher exam scores and problem-solve, work in a team, and think critically.  

Now is the time to create this activity.  I want you to be able to have an escape room ready for the next semester. So please get it done before the semester starts and gets wild! Get this offer before it’s gone until next term.

Create an Escape Room Course

Start Building Your Escape Room Today

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