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Tabletop Escape Kit

Do you want to implement an escape room activity but . . .

Don't have enough time to develop a complete activity?

Feel the doubt and overwhelm creep in?

Are confused by all of the puzzle options and ideas?

Don't let the overwhelm keep you from implementing a flipped classroom!

You can have a ready-to-go activity to create an engaged, enjoyable classroom activity by next week!



Introducing . . .

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Tabletop Escape Kit

For management of type 2 diabetes

A complete educational escape room for nursing students learning to manage a patient with type 2 diabetes.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, students will:

Determine important assessment findings in type 2 diabetes

Review pathophysiology related to type 2 diabetes

Categorize medications associated with type 2 diabetes

Manage insulin dosing in a type 2 diabetic patient based on a sliding scale and carbohydrate counts

Utilize a hypoglycemic protocol for management of a low blood sugar

Check out the full walk-through of the kit here!

"My students were so engaged with the activity.  Post-conference can be tough because students are tired, hungry and after having just worked a shift, they are ready to checkout.  But this 30-40 minute activity kept them active and gave me some great debriefing points to build a discussion afterward."

~ Jen R.

Imagine your classroom or postconference . . .

From this:

Not having the time to create an escape room activity from scratch

Feeling overwhelmed with flipping your classroom and developing active learning lessons

Zoned out students listening to lecture

To this:

Having an escape room activity ready to go

Confidently delivering an active learning lesson

Students who are actively participating in class and engaged with the activity

Ready to Order the Escape Kit?

Get the ready-to-go, tabletop kit that connects to online puzzles that will have your students truly engaged with the content.

Includes learning objectives around type 2 diabetes including insulin dosing, carbohydrate counting, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and management of a hypoglycemic episode.

Small and portable, easy to take to class or clinical.  Simple to reset between groups.

Everything that you need is included: links to online puzzles, maps, order sets, protocols, various props, patient information, locks, a flashlight, and batteries.


Includes free shipping!

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Hey, I'm Martha.

I created this kit.

From my first 3-hour lecture, I knew I wanted to teach differently.  I came across active learning and have slowly built it into every class and clinical that I teach.

But as busy instructors, it's not always easy to find the time or creative energy to develop and build engaging activities.  So, I want to give nursing educators the tools to quickly and easily implement active learning in their classrooms.  And I feel case studies, presented as escape rooms, are some of the most fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with this kit?

All of the pieces for you to create an engaging activity around the management of type 2 diabetes.  Check out the video HERE to see a walk-through of the kit and puzzles.

Is this an appropriate level for fundamentals students?

This kit is most appropriate for students in an adult theory course.  While these topics are introduced in fundamentals, the kit asks them to apply their knowledge to a clinical situation, which may be beyond the level of some fundamentals students.  Please watch the video HERE for a complete walk-through to see if the topics are appropriate for your students.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with the kit for any reason or if once you receive it, you feel it is too easy/hard for your level of students, you can return it to me within 30 days.

How long does it take?

This activity will take anywhere from 30-45 minutes for groups of students to complete.  With a strong debriefing session at the end, it could take 60+ minutes.

How do the online puzzles work?

The kit is a beautiful blend of interacting with real objects and online puzzles.  To begin the case study, students scan a QR code which gives them instructions on how to set up the kit.  The website provides the storyline and instructions about which pieces of the kit to use and when.  There are also some locks that are solved online.  Students will need a phone to interact with this kit.

What concepts are covered?

Through an interesting story, students must first identify concerning assessment findings as well as review a medication administration record for red flags.  Next, students will uncover the patient's meals through a review of pathophysiology and pharmacology in type 2 diabetes.  Then, students will do insulin dosing based on carbohydrate counts and a sliding scale.  Finally, the patient has a hypoglycemic episode in which they must recognize the assessment findings and intervene appropriately.

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