An exit ticket is a great classroom assessment technique but how does it translate to synchronous online learning?  Here’s an idea 💡

How to: 

To translate your physical exit ticket into a virtual one, just build a short quiz in your learning management system (ie Blackboard).  Make it password protected. Give the password out at some point during the class.  I chose a theme that will run through my passwords for the semester – passwords used in Harry Potter to access the Gryffindor Common Room.  So we started with bananafritters 😂

At the end of class, students have the last 5-10 minutes to complete the short quiz.  When they are done, ask them to unmute their microphone, say goodbye and class is complete.  I’ve started it calling it my closing ceremony to make it more official.

I have already built a few of my exit tickets into my class – here are a few of the questions I am using:

Day 1 – Overall, how are you feeling about this ONLINE LIVE format?  What challenges do you anticipate?

We do a case study the first day that involves some intense math so I add some humor in too.

“Which image best describes how you felt completing those math problems in the first case study?”

The online format can be intimidating, for instructors and for students.  Humor can be great for equalizing and humanizing the classroom.

Day 2 – In the simplest terms possible, describe the difference between hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic solutions.
Day 3 – Which electrolyte is the easiest to understand?  Which one will you need to spend more time studying?

Day 4 – Tell me the grade you envision yourself earning on the first exam.  I highly recommend visualizing something higher than 80%.  Get it in your mind now.  Look at the gradebook and truly imagine it and the excitement that you will feel.

Our program uses participation points which have been difficult to assess during the pandemic.  How can you tell, in a sea of 30 face-less boxes, who is paying attention, who is taking notes, who is engaging with the content?  But this is a one step in that direction.  A quick, easy-to-implement assessment to have my finger on the pulse of the classroom. 

I also like how it feels like closure.  In my normal physical classroom, just like elementary school, there is a routine at the end of the work day.  Some symbolic language and movement that signals to the brain that class is complete and effectively closes the story.  This virtual exit ticket is already giving me closure.


The in-person option of this activity is the most popular (sometimes seen as “muddiest point”) but this could be done as part of a clinical or lab session as well.  Many schools are holding asynchronous post conference due to space constraints and this type of reflection could translate well to that environment.

Best for:

Wrapping up the end of class.  Gathering data to clarify concepts for next class.

Humor as the secret sauce

Mark Twain said:

This is a beautiful sentiment and encourages me to be lighthearted in my teaching.

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Martha Johnson is the charge nurse over at BreakoutRN

Martha Johnson MSN, RN, CEN

Charge nurse over at BreakoutRN with a focus on helping other nursing educators transition from lecture to active learning.  She believes it does not have to be hard or overwhelming, just take it one activity at a time 💜

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