The No-Stakes Quiz

No Stakes Quiz #11

The idea here is simple - use a quiz as a discussion tool rather than a point-worthy event.  It even includes a note section so students can hardly help themselves from writing things down. ✍🏽📝


How to:

Create a simple quiz.  Use any mix of questions that you want - true/false, multiple choice, ordering, short answer.  It should be about 10 questions.  

The presentation of the unmarked quiz is uniquely structured to allow for notes during discussion.  I truly believe there is some magic connection between memory and writing things down by hand.  I love digital tools but old fashioned note taking still has a place in my heart.  

Here are two examples of the structure you can use.  This is a Canva creation (of course😆😄 ) and you can get the templates HERE and OVER HERE.


Students are given the first minutes of class to complete the quiz.  They should complete by memory and can check their notes for the last few minutes.  Put a timer on to give a little urgency and excitement.  Then, the discussion takes place.  The discussion should be mostly student-led.  Ask them to prove the correct answer or discredit an incorrect response.

Using the low-stakes quiz can help students prepare to engage in class, lessen exam anxiety by practicing test taking skills and improve note taking.  


Discussion for the no-stakes quiz could take place in pairs or small groups.  Give students time to work on the quiz independently and use the notes section for comparison between students.

Best for:

Class warm-up or cool-down (I do love the exercise references when it comes to class - it does feel like a workout💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️ ).

Ready to share your idea?


Share the content area and any variations that you did that made it awesome!

As you prepare for next semester . . .

I have made it my personal goal to try something new every semester.  I refuse to be a stagnant teacher.  One innovative activity, one improved video lecture, one different way to create classroom community.  Just one at a time.  But these small steps, over time, create a world of difference.  As Rapunzel says,

"Venture outside your comfort zone.  The rewards are worth it."