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Working to get students comfortable giving report?  This idea will take you through the steps to create an interactive telephone conference.📞📱 


There is no doubt you have had students who are so focused on their task that they don’t talk to the patients. Communication with other healthcare professionals, patients and families is a type of soft skill that comes with repetition. Utilizing effective communications skills is typically it’s own outcome in every nursing program so concepts in professional communication can be woven throughout every level of student nurse.    

How to:

Give the student’s a patient situation.  It can be presented via simulated EMR (excel or whatever product you are using).  It can be a case study that you already utilize in class with the format modified for this activity.  

Create a rubric with pass/fail elements that are either included when the student gives report or missing such as: patient history, assessment, evaluation, management of the situation so far.

Students review the EMR and note the change in condition.  They can fill out a care plan of whatever data gathering/organizing system your school uses.  We have a short clinical paperwork packet that I have students use.  After reviewing the record, they should organize their thoughts and be prepared to give a concise, clear report.

Now, the variation for this one comes in with who the student can call.  This is a multi-disciplinary activity.  The school where this takes place also has a nurse practitioner program and the instructor has access to these students.  The RN student will give report to the NP student.

  1. NP student is on-call for 2 hour time frame in which students will text when they are ready

  2. RN student will text the NP student about a change in condition.

  3. NP student will return phone call and use rubric to grade.  Will give new orders to Rn student.

  4. RN student will review order and implement virtually/document

  5. RN student will reflect on the report that they gave to the NP student.


This idea of giving report could be implemented using a variety of people in place of the NP student.  The instructor could fill this role if students are doing virtual clinical.  Other multidisciplinary team members if available at your school, such as paramedic students or LPN students.  They would not give orders back to the student because this is not within their scope of practice but the concepts of professional communication would still apply.

Best for:

Small groups of 6-8.  The individual attention needed for this activity requires a time commitment on the part of the instructor.  For larger groups, students could record their report, using an app like FlipGrid, and share with the instructor for grading.  The 2-way communication would be missing with larger groups.


With a focus on professional communication, this type of real-life situation is a great way to prepare students for functioning within a healthcare team.  The addition of an actual person for the RN student to give a report to easily creates an authentic feeling to the activity.

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