Meme Match

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The meme is a part of our social culture and you can use it to your advantage to connect your content to something that students are inherently familiar with.  

  • This idea was shared by one of our own, Tamella Busby!  Thank you for the amazing idea. 🎉

How to:

First, consider a content area that is broad enough to include a few different disease processes.  In this example, Tamella uses autoimmune disorders.  Once you have found the memes online, print them out and post them around the room labeled with numbers.  The students will then walk around the room and indicate which disease process matches the meme.  Here are a few examples:

Students can come up with the disease on their own or you can create a worksheet to make it a matching exercise. 


For online learners, assign students a disease and give them instructions to find and email you a meme and to include key facts or a care plan for the disease process.  You could also do this via discussion board if you have this function in your LMS.  

Use the debrief to include higher level thinking such as analysis and application.  Have students create a care plan using the meme as they discuss additional signs and symptoms, create a patient goal and plan their nursing interventions.

Do a compare and contrast chart of common signs and symptoms if there is overlap in assessment data.

Best for:

Medium to small groups.

Ready to share your idea?


Share the content area and any variations that you did that made it awesome!

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