Gallery Walk

An critical thinking activity that involves thinking and moving

Change of scenery is the idea here!  It is called a gallery walk and you can think of it as a discussion format with movement 😄


How to:

To implement this, you will need a student activity where they can make some sort of poster.  I typically will give them some supplies (markers, highlighters, different colored paper) and a larger size paper.  If you have poster size, that works well but even legal size paper will work.

Divide students into groups, usually 3-5 is a good size.

Have the students create their poster.  Here are some ideas:

  • Patient Education template

  • Drug Card

  • Venn Diagram to compare/contrast a topic (COPD vs asthma)

  • To show their math for a medication calculation

  • Care Plan based on a case study

Once they have their poster completed, collect it from each group.  While students take a break, you hang up their posters around the room.  

When they come back, instruct them to move around the room and read each poster.  You can structure the rotation (you prompt the movement to each poster every 3-5 minutes) or let the movement happen organically.  Then, have the students discuss their favorite, most-informative poster.  Give each student or each group a sheet of small stickers and have them use their sticker to vote by putting the sticker on their favorite poster.  Bring the group back together and verbally congratulate the winning group with the most votes! 


There are a few variations on this activity.  

  • I like, I wonder, Next Steps

In this variation, students give feedback on the posters by responding to what the author(s) did well, what they still wonder about, and what could be improved or made more clear.  Students can either submit their work individually or as a group.  They could also write their responses on 3 different colored post-its and stick them to the posters.

  • Gallery Run

Same idea, just faster.  Students present their poster with a question at the end.  Then it is a race around the room to write down all of the answers as quickly as possible.

  • Graffiti 

Students are encouraged to leave some empty space in their poster next to the question they create.  When the other groups walk around, they are encouraged to write on the poster to answer the question

  • What’s wrong

Students create a poster with one wrong piece of information.  When the other groups walk around, they act as detectives and use their stickers to indicate which information on the poster is incorrect.

Best for:

This activity is great for creating movement, working in small groups, problem-solving and creating engagement with the content.  It is easy to implement and does not take much planning.  


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A fun fact . . .

A few years ago, we stopped at a Disney outlet store.  My kids were playing with the stuffed animals, one of which was a pea pod that zipped and the stuffed peas could come out.  The employee asked my girls if they knew the peas names.  Huh?  They have names?  Yes, they are the peas from Toy Story 3.

Well, it turns out that this employee had placed third in some kind of annual Disney employee trivia contest.  Who knew?

Being that I love most things Disney, I thought it would add a bit of Disney trivia to the end of these idea posts.  Here's to learning all kinds of things together!

The peas names are Peatey, Peatrice and Peanelope.